Our company was found In 1992. It walked through the full cycle of development till nowadays. It means marketplaces, private label production and our own brands too.

In that period marketplace big diversification took place. At the start it was production of our own Brand and selling it to the middlemen-wholesalers. This model of business relations is almost gone. Later production for supermarkets under their private label was born, as well as our own brand supplies to those markets. We have an experience with this kind of cooperation over 16 years.

During the last years our factory developed, upgraded and adjusted to our production needs all the buildings and industrial infrastructure according to the energetic and ecological requirements and to allow the implementation of the most advanced projects. We have more than 100 knitting machines (BUSI GIOVANNI, UNIPLET), our own dyeing machines, forming and finishing hales.
If we need to increase our production capacity, there is already prepared place for setting up next knitting machines. Actually our potential allows us to do that by 25% without any investments in buildings.
With the participation of EU we purchased and developed machine park, which is possibly the most technologically advanced in Europe and definitely is in Poland. In addition to increased advanced technologies, we enlarged our production capacity and performance.

In our socks we used innovative technologies:



Elastic arch brace, preventing twisting and slipping off the socks.



Heavy double-cushioned sole provides shock absorption during the running on the hard surfaces.



Mesh & Channels system, draining the moisture from the skin surface and providing excellent breathability.

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